Historic trolley car finds new home at Sockeye Brewing

Historic trolley car finds new home at Sockeye Brewing


Historic trolley car finds new home at Sockeye Brewing

BOISE, Idaho (May 21, 2021) -- Sockeye Grill and Brewery, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is finalizing the restoration of Oregon Railroad and Navigation Co. Coach 94. Boise natives more fondly remember this railcar as The Trolley, which housed a neighborhood tavern on the Boise Bench until 2006, when it burned due to arson.

Built in 1883, the railroad modernized and renovated the trolley in 1916 and again in 1924 for use as an officer's car. A retired Union Pacific engineer purchased it in 1933 when the company retired the trolley from service. He moved it next to his grocery store, The Log Cabin, on Rose Hill St. and opened it as a bar called The Silver Car. After many owners and a few name changes, someone deliberately set it on fire.

Sockeye owner Fred Schuerman purchased the Trolley with the intention of restoring the railcar and installing it at the brewpub on Fairview Avenue. A set of railroad trucks and rails placed near the front entrance to the restaurant will serve as the foundation for this historic railcar.

Schuerman spent the last few years carefully restoring the railcar and plans to move it to the trucks and rails this weekend. The railcar will be ready for use for private events after interior finishes are completed.

"It is great to see the completion of the restoration of this historic railcar," Sockeye Brewing business manager Janice Skinner said. "It is something we have been able to work on gradually over the years, and being able to place it in service in conjunction with our silver anniversary is perfect. Look for many more exciting things to come for us in the next few months."


Sockeye Brewing was founded in 1996. Offered first as a handcrafted beer option to tap houses in Idaho's Treasure Valley, Sockeye Brewing continues to grow with the rising demand for quality craft beer in Idaho and throughout the Northwest. Sockeye brews more than 10,000 bbl annually via its 80-bblbrewhouse in Boise and is one of the top-producing craft breweries in Idaho. Its signature brand, Sockeye Dagger Falls IPA, is the biggest selling Idaho-made craft beer in the state. Visit sockeyebrew.com for more details.

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Tyson Cardon,  tysoncardon@sockeyebrew.com

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