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Introducing Hop Water!

Introducing Hop Water!

In the lead up to "Sober October" 2021, our brew crew began contemplating an alternative to beer. Something without the booze, but with the essence of what we all know and love about beer. Non-Alcoholic beer didn't feel right for the Sockeye portfolio. Although there are many great options, our commitment over the last 25 years to brewing award-winning beer didn't lead us to believe that NA beer fit our vision of a non-alcoholic option.

As we cracked a few cans of our favorite sparkling water (in lieu of beer), our brewers immediately began working out an idea of flavoring the same type of carbonated water with hops. Of course we're all very familiar with the citrusy, often fruity characteristics of surely it would work!

Enter Hop Water. A non-alcoholic, sparkling water made with Idaho hops. Our team worked to perfect a non-bitter, aroma-filled carbonated beverage with just a touch of the hop flavor. Utilizing Citra and Mosaic hops, Hop Water balances the effervescence you love about carbonated beverages with the hop characteristics you know from beer!

Available at your favorite, Boise-based local retailer!