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Sockeye Gives

At Sockeye Brewing, being an integral part of the community and giving back is in our DNA.  From providing beer or SWAG for a non-profit to giving back to local schools, we do it all!

That said, although we'd love to give back to each organization that fills out the form, we are unfortunately unable to make that happen.  We will carefully evaluate the information given below and be in touch within 7-10 business days of receipt of this form.  Not all requests will be fulfilled, we appreciate your understanding.

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(e.g. Cash Donation, Beer Donation, etc.) Be as specific as possible.  We use this in our review process, so the more detail the better.

*NOTE* Event requests MUST be 30-45 days prior to the event date.

Will we be pouring?  Is this in a public area?  What city is it located in?  How many people are you expecting?

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Need a keg for a private event?  We sell kegs to go directly out of our warehouse!  Click the link below to learn more or schedule a pickup.



Interested in joining the team?  Click the link below to see open positions or to submit your application.



Looking to see how Sockeye Brewing might be able to help your organization?  Click the link below to learn more about our methods of giving back.