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At Sockeye Brewing we have a sense of pride in crafting some of Idaho's best craft beer! Each beer represents our commitment to our craft and our dedication to brewing distinct, true-to-style beer. With nearly 100 years of craft brewing experience between our brewers and 250+ awards, you're bound to find your new favorite beer!


We don't believe that any single time of year is better than another, that's why our seasonal calendar is packed with some incredible brews that reflect any season!

catch & release

Our brewers thrive on creativity and that is why we let 'em have it with our 'Catch & Release' series. From our rotating Imperial IPA's, sours, and  rarities, see why our brewers love getting experimental.


Our barrel-aged series was created with the craft beer connoisseur in mind. Each brew was methodically aged and blended in order to create a unique drinking experience that changes over time!

hop water

Non-alcoholic hop water for the times beer needs a break.


We're fans of creativity and these beers are evidence of that.  Each beer in our limited release series features our brewers very-own creative take on styles!