Employee Highlight: Bob Waller

Nov 9, 2023


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Sockeye Alehouse is proud to introduce our new Executive Chef, Bob, whose culinary saga is a blend of diverse experiences and flavors. In a recent interview, Chef Bob candidly shared his culinary origins, his approach to cooking, and his aspirations for shaping the future of Sockeye Alehouse.

Discovering a Passion:

"I started working in restaurants when I was 12. My mom bought this small family diner in northern Michigan, and I started washing dishes there... eventually ended up serving and cooking there as well. After high school, I went in the Air Force, and after I got out, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, so I went back to what I knew, which was kitchen work. I started learning a lot more about cooking, and was lucky to have some great experienced people taking me under their wings. It just finally occurred to me that I really enjoy it, and I can actually do it for a living."

Signature Style and Dishes:

"I like to challenge myself with things I’m not familiar with, rather than stay stagnant in my comfort zone, but I do really like southern food and comfort food."

Cooking Philosophy:

"My philosophy on cooking is to have fun, not be afraid to try new things, even if they don’t work. That’s how you learn by taking risks."

Excitement for the Future:

"I’m excited beyond belief to be a part of Sockeye, and I already have a great team, but am looking forward to strengthening it even more, and making Sockeye Alehouse a staple for this community."

Guidance for Up-and-Coming Chefs:

"Again, don’t be afraid to take chances. Have fun, and don’t let yourself get stressed out or burned out. Don’t think everything in the kitchen is something you have to personally do. Know your team, and utilize them to their strengths, and the pieces will fall into place!"

As Chef Bob steps into his role at Sockeye Alehouse, his genuine passion for cooking, commitment to growth, and vision for community-building shine through. Join us on this flavorful journey, where Chef Bob's expertise promises to elevate your dining experience at Sockeye Alehouse! Stay tuned for a symphony of tastes and textures as we embark on this culinary adventure together.