Sockeye Gift Giving Guide

Nov 9, 2023


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Give the gift of Sockeye beer this holiday!

🎁✨ Sockeye Gift-Giving Guide! 🍻

Give the beer-lover in your life what they want with a 2024 Chronicles Memberships, swing into fun with the our Winter Golf League at ‘The Turn’, or gift the joy of choice with Sockeye Gift Cards or a Brew Club Membership!  Here are a few gift giving ideas from us at Sockeye!🌟

…for the beer connoisseur
2024 Chronicles Membership

2023 was the inaugural year of Chronicles, and it brought forth a quartet of some of the most ambitious and exotic brews in our history, but our entire team knows this was only the beginning of what is possible. With that, we are overjoyed to present the 2024 Chronicles membership, a continuation of the relentless experimentation, ingredient and barrel sourcing, and refinement we began last year!

Picking up where we left off, this year will feature four more bottle conditioned barrel aged beers available on the first day of each quarter. Expect an intriguing combination of dark and heavy, wild and funky, and curious and challenging. Nothing is off limits in this series, and the best is yet to come!

Once again, Chronicles is the past, the present, and the future of Sockeye Brewing.

Give a Membership

…for the athlete
Winter Golf League

Embrace the winter season with our new Winter Golf League at The Turn, our golf-themed bar! Starting January 8th and running for 8 weeks, the league meets every Monday at 6 pm. At just $50 per team for entry, all entry fees contribute directly to the prize purse meaning REAL cash prizes to those who compete!

Space is limited and going quick - so jump in before it’s sold out!

Register Now!

…for the Sockeye loyalist

2024 Brew Club Memberships

Introducing Sockeye Brewing's 2024 Brew Club (now available for pre-order!) -- the craft beer lover's ticket to great beer, year-round! Brew Club memberships are valid at BOTH Sockeye Brewing locations!

Members Receive:

  • 2024 Commemorative "Brew Club" Mug
  • 2024 Commemorative "Brew Club" Snapback Hat
  • Pint pricing on 24oz mugs
  • One FREE mug each month
  • Free play at our golf-themed bar, The Turn at Sockeye Alehouse
  • Sunday pricing for growler fills (year-round selection)
  • 20% off all retail items
  • $50 off Sockeye Chronicles Membership
  • Exclusive access to "Brew Club Year-End Party"

Memberships are valid January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024
Memberships are available online and in-house at both locations mid-December.

Give a Membership

…for the foodie
Sockeye Gift Cards

Visit either of our locations and make the most of our holiday gift card bonus! Receive a $5 bonus for every $50 you load onto our gift cards. It's the perfect way to spread holiday cheer and treat yourself or your loved ones.

Sockeye AlehouseSockeye Grill & Brewery

Live Music Tonight!
Sockeye Alehouse @ 6pm!

After a long wait, we're FINALLY bringing  you LIVE MUSIC at Sockeye Alehouse!

We'll be serving up our famous Friday special, Halibut & chips all day long, hosting happy hour from 3pm-6pm, and dancing the night away with live music by Spencer Batt beginning at 6pm!

Join us TONIGHT for what is sure to be a great Friday evening!